“After reading the horror stories from people who tried training with some of the larger companies, I feel lucky to have found "Instructor Doctors" before I made any commitments to other companies.
Martin and Stuart helped me to pass part 3. All my training was carried out to suit my availabilities.
Throughout my part 3 training, Martin not only worked hard on my core competencies, but helped with instructional advice and techniques, therefore giving me the best chance of passing my part 3 test and becoming a good Instructor.
I had the good fortune to receive instruction from both Martin and Stuart and found both to be extremely professional and friendly, offering help and advice thought.
I would strongly recommended, "Instructor Doctors" to any PDI. A little research before you decide could save you months of training and thousands of pounds.”

Jasbir ADI, H & J Driving School

“I cant thank Hazel enough if it wasn't for her help and support I don't think I would have passed my part 3. Before I started training with Hazel of Instructor Doctors, I was training with another company for my part 3 without any hope of understanding what was needed to pass the part 3 test, I was left confused and frustrated then I searched for another trainer and was lucky enough to find Hazel, after the first lesson it changed my whole approach to training and I knew with her knowledge and experience I was with the right Company Instructor Doctors! With her encouragement and well organised teaching method I managed to pass without a pink licence. I would recommend Hazel to anyone wishing to become an ADI.”

Mohammed Kobir ADI

“A HUGE THANK-YOU for all your help and support!

You have always said you were just doing your job. But my previous experience with another training company showed me that you far exceeded that. Your friendly and professional training has played a very important role in my development and gave me such a boost in confidence and the determination to succeed. I just wish I had come to you sooner.

Stuart Kelley and Hazel Jones showed me why they call themselves InstructorDoctors. They really are ‘the doctors’ for all the needs of PDI's and ADI's. Thanks to them I'm now an ADI and passed my exam with a good grade. Don't waste time and money somewhere else, go to the InstructorDoctors. ”

Abdullahi Ahmed Abukar ADI

“I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to you and Hazel for getting me through today, I don't think it's really sunk in yet..... wait until I wake up tomorrow!! But seriously though, thanks so much for your input and patience.”

Lyn Burgess ADI

“Having trained for parts 2 & 3 with Hazel Jones of the ‘Instructor Doctors’, I would recommend any aspiring driving instructor to do the same. Patience, knowledge, clarity, encouragement, friendliness and value were all first class. I’m not sure I would have succeeded without Hazel.”

Andrew Cox, ADI

“We can honestly tell you that Stuart Kelley is the best trainer we have ever met. There is so much to say but his reputation speaks for itself.
You need look no further, all your worries and problems will soon get solved. We would have never achieved the green badge if it was not for Stuart. The feedback and support we received was superb. Once again Stuart ... we thank you very much for everything and we would recommend you to anyone who is considering to become an ADI. Good luck to everyone training.”

Nadia and Shireen Ali, ADI's

“I can't thank Stuart enough, if it wasn't for him I would not be sitting here with my green badge.  He's an excellent trainer, he gave me the will to carry on.  I lack confidence and when I was  down Stuart always picked me up and gave me the strength to continue with my training.  He has a very structured teaching method with excellent support all the way though. You can always email him any queries you may have or he is always available on his mobile and he always gives you a feed back report on your previous lesson by email.  Once in the car Stuart never makes you feel nervous as he is very approachable, friendly person making you feel very comfortable.  I would recommend Stuart to anyone wishing to be an ADI.”

Joanna Basterfield ADI, Patience Driving School

“The first lesson that I had with Mr Kelley changed my whole approach towards this type of training, despite the fact that English is not my first language, Stuart gave me excellent tuition which made it very easy for me to pass my first attempt with an excellent grade!  I must say that Stuart has not only a through knowledge of this Field, but also a superb ability to communicate this to his student.”

Mohammed Egeh ADI

“If you're looking for a trainer for your part 2 or 3 exams or have been unsatisfied with training you've already received then look no further.I came to Stuart after failing my first attempt at the part 3 exam and it soon became quite clear which areas of my instruction needed improving.Stuarts knowledge of the exam, patience and attention to detail puts other trainers to shame.I went on to pass with a 5/5 and if it wasn't for Stuart I think I would have given up! Even now that I've passed Stuart is still there at the end of the phone offering advice and support if ever I need it. Thanks Stuart!”

Adrian Swain ADI

“I trained with InstructorDoctors for my part 2 and 3. I passed first time for both parts and the training was tailored round me. Stuart was friendly, professional and motivating to get the best out of me. I still remember my part 3 test, it was tough but with the training I received from Stuart I was able to deal with whatever the Examiner did. Truly Stuart is intelligent, patient and a very good instructor (I would say one of the best), I would recommend Stuart anytime, Thank you very much for all your support and training”

Rahim Patel ADI

I would like to thank InstructorDoctors for such a high standard of training. It was professional and highly motivated, covering all aspects of the ADI part 3 examination. Thanks to them I am now fully qualified.

Ian Bonner ADI

“I undertook my training with Stuart Kelley as he was recommended by a friend ( which is always a good start ! ) I must admit there were a few times when I found things' frustrating but Stuart's patience and advice served me well and I passed earlier this year and he is still on hand to help with any problems or to offer support.  Since passing I'm now meeting clients who have failed with other instructors and I'm constantly surprised by the gaps in their knowledge - compared with the thorough training Stuart gave me.  I will continue to recommend Stuart in the future - you'll have to go a long way to find better !”

Samantha Addison ADI

“After completing the course with a national company and not being satisfied with their training I found Stuart. This was the best thing to happen to me.

With Stuart’s professional and personalised one to one training he made learning fun and easy to understand. I then went on to pass my part 3 test with flying colours.

Thanks to Stuart’s expert training, I now have my own driving school and have never looked back. I can't recommend Stuart highly enough.”

Diane Ives ADI,  Drive Right School of Motoring

" I would like to thank Stuart not only for the excellent tuition and guidance he gave me, but also the moral support and patience which helped me achieve my goal of passing both ADI 2 & 3 tests."

Stuart While ADI

“The training I received from Instructor Doctors was outstanding. I was made to feel comfortable and at ease with my instructor. The training was done at a pace to suit me which was great. The lessons were structured in a way that pushed me forward and kept me interested and prepared for the instructional ability test. Instructor doctors made my training so real that when I entered for the test I was 100% ready. I am so grateful to my instructor who has made me realise that this is a career change for the better! Thank you Instructor Doctors!”

Amy Littlefield ADI, Get in 2 Gear School of Motoring

“Stuart, gives excellent one to one tuition, he is a friendly and approachable teacher, not only do you get immediate answers to any questions during the lesson, but he also gave a detailed follow up e-mail to highlight particular areas needing attention.  Excellent tuition from a professional instructor.”

Bob Jessup AD I

"I found the training I received from Stuart Kelley enabled me to put all previous knowledge into a clear and precise order.  His straightforward method of instruction certainly made everything click into place. I would not hesitate to recommend Stuart to anyone that wishes to qualify as an ADI."

Brian Wingrove, ADI

“I passed all three ADI exams first time, which was entirely due to the high standard of teaching provided by my instructor. He was very enthusiastic and thorough, which kept me motivated. The unique written resources he provided were helpful too and after qualifying, I felt fully prepared for the job.”

Audrey Wixon ADI, Wycombe Driving School

“What can I say....if it was not for me starting my training with you, I guess I might not be in the position I am in now ( studying for a Degree in Driver Education at Middx University).....and in your words, the most qualified Driving Instructor you know. The training I had with Stuart Kelley was 1st Class, very professional, extremely thorough and I can highly recommend his training style.”

Martin Mullenger ADI Dip DI, Witney School of Motoring

"We found Stuart to be friendly, very patient and professional. His teaching methods were simple and easy to understand. We certainly wouldn't have been successful without his help. Once we qualified and set up our own business Stuart was kind enough to give us advice on any queries we had. He is a gentleman and our only regret is we didn't meet him earlier."

Neil and Denise Cannon ADI

“The training with Stuart Kelley was absolutely vital, which gave me the knowledge and confidence to pass the Part 3 exam with flying colours. The structured training programme I was given covered all key points on every P.S.T and enabled me to comfortably meet the highest standards needed for the exam.

Stuart is extremely friendly, professional and is excellent at motivating to get the best out of you. I would thoroughly recommend Stuart Kelly and Instructor Doctors to any P.D.I”

Kevin Bosworth ADI, Amber Driving School

“Three years ago I decided to give up my career as a Management Accountant to become a Driving Instructor. Stuart Kelley guided me through the part 2 and 3 A.D.I. exams. The level of instruction was excellent. Stuart’s knowledge of the Hayes examination routes, examiners and the driving faults that may occur on the part 3 test was faultless. I was very fortunate to pass my part 3 test first time.

I will always remember the Examiner’s comment after the test…..” As soon as I realised you were one of Stuart Kelley’s students, I knew I would be in for a good test today!” To me, that is testimony of what a good instructor Stuart is!”

Jason Jolliffe ADI, JJ Driving School

I was recommended by a friend to call InstructorDoctors for help with my part 3 training. The lesson I had with Hazel Jones and Stuart Kelley showed me why they call themselves InstructorDoctors. They're really the doctors for all the needs of PDI's and ADI's. Thanks to them I'm now an ADI and passed my exam at the first attempt with a good grade. Believe me; if you want to become a driving instructor don't waste time and money somewhere else, go to the InstructorDoctors.

Mustaf Hade ADI

I have just finished my driving instructor training with Hazel Jones, after passing all three parts of the qualification process first time. Hazel tailored a training package for me that allowed me to get through the whole qualifying process in one day short of 7 months, whilst carrying on with my full time Monday to Friday occupation. I also managed to qualify under her guidance without committing to a trainee licence. Hazel has been a superb Instructor and Mentor for me; her professional, knowledgeable, ethical, and organised approach has given me a model to work on in my future career.

Dave Pascoe ADI, High Wycombe

Stuart and Hazel helped me to structure my knowledge in such a way that towards the end of my part 3 training with them I was able to:

Give phase 1 briefings within 10 minutes whilst covering all the key points.

Use effective Q&A throughout phase 2.

Cut the waffle by giving clear identification and simple, but effective analysis and remedy of faults.

Stuart really helped me to boost my confidence and take control of the lesson while Hazel highlighted my weaknesses and how I should overcome them. My experience with InstructorDoctors was like a breath of fresh air after being let down by the big boys and others. I cannot recommend them enough because they deliver whatever they promise and that is their strength.

Azim Adamjee ADI, Azim Driving School

Before I took my training with InstructorDoctors I was like a passenger in the car. Language problems and lack of confidence made me afraid to speak and when I did it came out all wrong. Stuart and Hazel built my confidence and made me realise that I was strong on the move and had good recognition of faults. My problem was my briefings were far from satisfactory and I found it difficult to use the manual to its full potential and easily lost track of the lesson. Ontheir advice I did lot of reading and practiced my briefings and explanation of why the fault happened and what the learner should do to avoid repeating the fault. Their very firm but fair approach helped me overcome my weaknesses and become the confident and much better spoken instructor that I am today.

Mohamed Abdul Kadir ADI, Easy Way School of Motoring

Hazel delivers her instruction in an intensive but enjoyable way and her calming influence increased my confidence greatly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hazel Jones as a trainer to any potential driving instructor.

Jackie Bampfield ADI, Maidenhead

I found Hazel Jones a very informative, helpful and patient teacher. Regarding the skills of driving and teaching, she show's a wealth of knowledge, constructive in correction on any faults observed and encouraging when times could get tough. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hazel to anyone that was interested in learning to become an instructor as they would be in safe and very capable hands.

Jackie Hobbs, ADI, Aylesbury

I cannot thank Stuart & Hazel enough for the tuition and guidance they gave me to help me through the part 3 test.

Gary Johnson ADI, Watford

I found Hazel and Stuart from InstructorDoctors patient, constructive and approachable. The training was first class, especially the psychological training provided by Stuart on part 3. InstructorDoctors provide one to one training and I think are probably the best driving instructor trainers in the UK.

Latif Khan ADI, High Wycombe

Thanks for the really excellent training you provided in getting me through my recent Part 3 test.  Having started off with a large national training company, my only regret is that I didn’t find you before signing, as the money I wasted with them could have been put to much better use with InstructorDoctors.

Our one to one in car sessions were extremely challenging and very hard work but ultimately well worth it. I would add that I found your post session written reviews were invaluable both during training, but more so leading up to the test as a revision aid. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking to become an ADI.

Alan Harris ADI, Pinner

I would like to thank Stuart Kelley for his professionalism and motivation. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have been able to pass my part 3. If you want to describe him in one sentence, he’s simply the best.

Oksen Torosyan ADI, Ealing

I was recommended to Stuart Kelley by Bains Driving School for ADI part 2 and 3 training. Stuart was able to fit my training in around my current job.
With his vast experience in this field of work, he managed to put together a suitable training programme, for my learning requirements. I cannot thank Stuart and Hazel enough for their great support and encouragement through my training.  I will continue to recommend InstructorDoctors to any other person who wishes to become an ADI.

Nicky Bains ADI, Bains Driving School, Hayes

I found Hazel very reliable, punctual and very prompt with all of her communications. I found her instruction very professional, clear, concise and to the point, always encouraging and motivating. It is the detail she provided which enabled me to pass my part 3 examination and realise the goal of becoming an ADI. I would thoroughly recommend Hazel as an ADI instructor.

Daniel Cluff, ADI, Abingdon

“Stuart, I would like to thank you so much for all your guidance and help. I would and will highly recommend yourself and Hazel to anyone. I could not have done it without you. I also found that your book was very helpful and still is. With much thanks, Alec.”

Alec Basterfield ADI

“In the beginning I was really nervous and worried how I would succeed on this course, but Stuart helped me to believe that I could get through and complete my course successfully. He was not only teaching me but he also gave me the encouragement, motivation and support that I needed morally throughout the course. His friendly and honest advice combined with his great experience is why I would personally recommended anyone to go to Instructor Doctors. I used to look forward to the lessons which were exciting and fun. I truly don’t know how to thank Stuart. All I can say is that he is the best instructor anyone can ever meet and I can only say for those who want to follow the career path that I chose as a Driving Instructor take your lessons from Instructor Doctors so you can achieve your goal easier and quicker and you will never regret doing so.”

Issa Sougal, ADI

“After a disastrous first attempt at my part three exam, I was at a loss searching for help and was about to throw the towel in until, during one of my many searches on the internet for proper training, I found InstructorDoctors & Stuart Kelley! Not only was his teaching fantastic, his feedback and encouragement is outstanding. I highly recommend his training...you won’t regret it!”

Paul Neal, ADI

“I feel that Stuart is the best trainer I have come across, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to other driving instructors. Stuart has a passion for his work and is very professional. He described me as a challenging student because at first I didn’t prepare for my training sessions and if it was not for his persistence, I would never have qualified. The training you get is worth every penny. Don’t waste your time with others, this man is my teacher and my hero, without him I would not be a driving instructor today.”

Ashfaq Ahmed, ADI Boss Driving School, High Wycombe

Having taken a PDI badge out with a large franchise driving school, I wish I had just spent all that money with Instructor Doctors and avoided getting into financial difficulties. I passed on my 2nd attempt with an unbelievable grade that I would never have dreamt of getting. I was always negative about myself and what I could achieve but Stuart and Hazel both had faith in me and after several times of saying “no I’m quitting, I can’t do it” both Stuart and Hazel gave me the full support and motivation I needed to pass. I feel so lucky to have had them to train me and today I have the title of ADI. I will advise anyone to train with Instructor Doctors instead of wasting money on franchises........... Thanks to you both I can’t thank you enough for everything and the faith you had in me.

Dee Kaur, ADI